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Self-Esteem Helps Improve Self-Confidence

Many people use the terms self-esteem and self-confidence interchangeably. Although these words are interrelated and are oftentimes mentioned whenever the concept of personal worth or value is being discussed, they are actually quite different from each other.

First of all, self-esteem is internal in nature. It is more about an individual’s opinion or belief about themselves. It is how a person evaluates their own worth. It can either be positive when it is reinforced or negative if it is thwarted under some circumstances.

On the other hand, self-confidence is the belief in one’s own abilities in general. It is what other people see in you as manifested in the way you think, talk and project yourself. An individual’s personality and sense of style can even change as a result of improved self-confidence. For numerous tips on self-confidence, self-esteem and many other Self-Development areas, head on over to http://www.findyourinnerself.com and download a FREE copy of the ebook “110 Bite-Sized Self-Help Super Tips” .

The self-esteem of a person can be highly affected by the kind of family background they have, the influences around them and their daily experiences with different people. This is why many psychologists and therapists strongly suggest that people choose companions and friends who have an optimistic perception about life.

An individual who has high self-esteem exudes a sense of being full of life. They are calm, relaxed, open and communicative and they easily get along with other people. Above all, they tend to pursue continuous growth in all areas of life in order to nurture and enrich what they already possess and eventually achieve lasting success.

All these characteristics naturally result in a healthy and well-developed self-confidence. It is interesting to note that some individuals seem to be born with self-confidence, as they can easily carry themselves so well in different kinds of situations even at a young age. But in general, self-confidence is something which a person develops gradually provided they work with perseverance and choose to strive towards a specific goal, regardless of the numerous stumbling blocks they may encounter along the way.

It is fuelled by high self-esteem and nurtured by the assurance and support of other purpose-driven people. The major setback in developing self-confidence is one’s fear of failure. If a person truly wants to discover their fullest potential as a unique individual, they need to overcome the fear of committing mistakes and take the challenge of doing different things, which can help them grow further in all aspects.

Self-confidence will not be developed unless a person moves out from their hiding place, or their comfort zone. In other words, the more exposure one gets, the more potential one has of shining and discovering the gem in them.

So in order to develop self-confidence, a person should have high self-esteem. This can be achieved when they affirm their worth through positive self-talk. In a clear sense, self-esteem directly correlates a person’s self-confidence. In some cases, however, people try to hide their low self-esteem by assuming an air of self-confidence, but of course such a show does not usually last long. This is because of the fact that a person could not truly give what they do not have.

Genuine self-confidence can only be manifested when one really values their worth as a unique individual.


Michael Flanagan

I am giving away a copy of the ebook “110 Bite-Sized Self-Help Super Tips” , which contains numerous tips on self-confidence, self-esteem and many other Self-Development areas.

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