Sep 09

Be Motivated and Overcome Procrastination

One of the most common problems faced by people with regards to their career and personal life is lack of motivation which oftentimes results into procrastination of some important things they are supposed to pursue or accomplish.

When a person procrastinates, they tend to put off some tasks to the last possible minute. This eventually causes negative emotions such as guilt and resentment.

Furthermore, a person who procrastinates, experiences more work pressure and stress, missed opportunities, overwhelming schedules and frantic work hours. Although most people are quite aware of the results of putting off their obligations, it is a sad fact that many individuals of all ages still tend to give in to this kind of behavior pattern. It is a common habit among students and even professionals in various workplaces.

A lot of individuals however are determined to overcome procrastination. But in order to learn the specific and practical ways to overcome procrastination, it is important to learn the root causes of this behavior. The first common reason why people procrastinate is laziness. When a person feels physically or emotionally drained, they tend to have a weak resolve to do a certain task.

It is natural for an individual to take a rest especially when they get exhausted because of work. But if the feeling of being tired is merely caused by laziness which eventually leads to procrastination, such a behavior pattern becomes quite an alarming matter.

In order to overcome procrastination, a person should seek motivation to raise their energy level. For numerous tips on how to become motivated and avoid procrastination and many other Self-Development areas, head on over to http://www.findyourinnerself.com and download a FREE copy of the ebook “110 Bite-Sized Self-Help Super Tips” .

Another cause of procrastination is stress. When a person is stressed out because of their daily routines or tight schedules, they fail to work productively. Their motivation to work diminishes and they tend to put of doing other tasks. However, this can be avoided if they choose to lessen the stress in their life by adopting time management strategies.

Allowing enough time for rest and recreation will also help to overcome procrastination and provide energy to do the things that have been avoided.

Some people procrastinate because they lack self-discipline. For many individuals, self-discipline serves as a strong motivation to keep on keeping on. Without it, there is a great tendency to repeatedly put off some work in many situations. Lack of skill can also cause a person to procrastinate. When some people think that they cannot accomplish a task due to insufficient skill, they unfortunately put off the work so as to avoid experiencing disappointments.

Instead of resorting to this kind of behavior, they should instead seek to sharpen their skills or else delegate other people to do the task. There are many other causes of procrastination, but all of these basically point to a person’s priority. Arranging one’s priority based on goals helps to become more focused and determined on work. If an individual knows the priority and has the motivation to work towards accomplishing them one step at a time, then they are more able to overcome procrastination.

Michael Flanagan

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