Nov 07

I Create Reality: Beyond Visualization. Holographic Creation.

"How You Can Use HOLOGRAPHIC CREATION to Easily Manifest Your Desires, even if you lack Visualizing Skills."

A Step by Step Holographic Creation Sheet to increase your discipline and focus.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to MANIFEST what you want and take part in the GREAT AWAKENING that is occurring on this earth right now?

You probably know of the increases in awareness and consciousness on the planet. Just think what it could mean for your life to find out about the reality of the unseen world, and how it responds to the holographic images you create with your mind!

You will Actually Learn how to Create Baby Holograms of your desires out of light and sound. These are real entities.

Then you learn how to send these Baby Holograms into the soil of the Universe. They will grow into Full-Size Holograms that you will meet in Physical Existence.

I … was sitting in front of the computer and this otherworldy energy came over me and somehow I found your site amidst a page of entries relating to affirmations.

OK, you’ve written down the ten items you are wanting right now. Compare your ten items to the list below and see if your desires don’t fall into these categories that Christopher has developed from years of helping people.

Live Your Dream – Freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it. See the Freedom Lifestyle Passive Income Program.

Did I hit them all? HoloCreation can help you create what you want in all these areas, and any others you have that I didn’t include here! Here are just some of the reality creation secrets this book has for you

Free Bonus Book – The Science of Getting Rich. This book truly changed my life by breaking through my…

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